New Partnership Provides Wellness Care for Joseph’s Home Residents

When a resident is admitted to Joseph’s Home, the stress and pain of his situation doesn’t disappear overnight. That’s why mental and emotional health care are equally as important as the medical care Joseph’s Home residents receive. Thanks to a generous grant from the Woodruff Foundation, Joseph’s Home is pleased to welcome the Centers for Families and Children (CFC) as the new contracted provider of wellness care for Joseph’s Home residents.

Counselor Curtis Donald (right) meets with a Joseph's Home resident

Counselor Curtis Donald (right) meets with a Joseph’s Home resident

The Wellness Program provides Joseph’s Home residents with access to high quality mental and emotional health care. CFC Licensed Counselor Curtis Donald is on site at Joseph’s Home a couple days each week to perform assessments, group sessions and individual counseling.

 “Homelessness is a huge stressor in its own right, and frequently compounds pre-existing mental or emotional health issues. Managing those issues is vital to our resident’s ability to succeed in their transition to independence,” said Joseph’s Home Executive Director Georgette Jackson.

 “My mission is to help the residents develop the ability to safely interact with others and to develop a routine for wellness enhancement,” said Donald.

Donald preaches the benefits of holistic wellness and addresses a broad range of topics in his interactions with Joseph’s Home residents. Subjects covered include: stress management, social skills development, resiliency skills building, healthy relationships, coping skills and anger management.

Joseph’s Home is deeply grateful to the Woodruff Foundation and CFC for their partnership in providing residents with the wellness care they need to rebound from homelessness.

A (Veteran’s) Life Transformed

Monday November 11 is Veterans Day. Please remember to honor and thank the brave men and women who have served our country.

Joseph’s Home considers it a privilege to help homeless veterans recover their health and heal their lives. Today we salute one of our most recent veteran graduates.

Mr. Dorgan is a longtime restaurant worker and U.S. Air Force veteran. He lost the job he loved just weeks after the 2008 housing market crash and just two months after the sudden death of his mother.

Unable to find full-time work in a tough job market, he became homeless earlier this year. Compounding his challenges, he had a recurrence of bladder cancer that had been in remission since 1996.

He alternated between a bed in the Louis Stokes VA Medical Center and a homeless shelter for several months while he underwent two surgeries and received chemotherapy. Because of his medical needs, Joseph’s Home was recommended as the right place for Mr. Dorgan to recover his health and heal his life, and he was admitted in June.

Since beginning another round of chemo in September, Mr. Dorgan’s health has stabilized and he has a positive prognosis. The Joseph’s Home staff helped him find an apartment within easy walking distance of the VA Medical Center and he got his keys last week.