Founding Sister Returns to Help Out In a Pinch

Sr. Regina & Tatjana
Tatjana (left) and her temporary replacement, Sr. Regina

Joseph’s Home is a busy place and Administrative Coordinator Tatjana Trubaic helps keep the wheels turning smoothly. She answers the phone and door, writes meeting minutes and handles a variety of administrative duties for Executive Director Georgette Jackson.

When Tatjana went on maternity leave for the final three months of 2013, the wheels looked a little wobbly because the budget had no funds to pay a temp. Thankfully, a fully trained volunteer was ready and eager to fill her shoes.

Sister Regina Fierman, CSA, jumped at the chance to help out when she heard about the need at Joseph’s Home. Sister Regina played a key role in laying the groundwork for Joseph’s Home and  also worked as the house manager from 2000 until 2009, when she took a position in congregational leadership. Her role there ended in the summer of 2013, leaving her free for the rest of the year.

“It was wonderful to have Sister Regina back with us,” said Executive Director Georgette Jackson. “It’s obvious that working with people to overcome challenges is part of her calling. Plus, because of her familiarity with our programs and clientele, she didn’t miss a beat.”

Tatjana had a healthy baby boy (Mateo) October 2 and returned to her position January 2. Sister Regina is currently working on plotting her course in ministry for the next few years, and is taking a course in creative writing.

A Life Transformed: Mr. Peterson

Mr. Peterson
Mr. Peterson is thrilled to have safe, permanent housing

When he arrived at Joseph’s Home in August 2013, Mr. Peterson sensed that his life was about to change for the better. “I felt safe,” he said. “I got a room. I can put my stuff there and it will still be there.”

Not long before, safety had been an issue for Mr. Peterson. He lost nearly all his vision to glaucoma in late 2012 and could no longer support himself as a grill/prep cook. By June 2013, he was in a Cleveland homeless shelter, where he was an easy target for bullies and thieves, who took his glasses, shoes and medication.

The shelter referred Mr. Peterson to Joseph’s Home, where the case management and nursing staff helped him get optical care and find suitable permanent housing. He also completed an eight-week class at the Cleveland Sight Center, which taught him to live independently with severe vision impairment.

Mr. Peterson graduated from Joseph’s Home and moved into his new apartment just before the New Year. Continuity of Care Specialist Erica Fellows checks in on him regularly and remains in close contact with other agencies to ensure that Mr. Peterson’s transition to independence continues safely and smoothly.