A Life Transformed: Lost Hope Regained

One day in the summer of 2014, Mr. Hill woke up in a hospital bed. He was unable to speak clearly and couldn’t remember anything from the previous two weeks.
He soon learned that he had suffered a stroke and had diabetes.
The news came as a devastating blow. Four years of unemployment had left him destitute and homeless. At one point he was so ashamed of himself that he didn’t want his own children to see him. But, three weeks before the stroke, he had finally found a job and even received his first raise. Now that job – and the possibilities it created for him – were gone. “I was ready to give up,” said Mr. Hill.
After stays in different nursing homes, Mr. Hill came to Joseph’s Home. His mobility and speech improved to the point that he no longer needed a cane to get around and could speak with minimal slurring. With the help of Staff Nurse Sister Sandy LoPorto, SSJ-TOSF, he got his blood sugar under control and eliminated his dependence on insulin. He reconnected with his children and started making plans to be involved in their lives. Plus, he found an apartment of his own.

In June, nearly a year after his stroke, Mr. Hill moved into that apartment. Thanks to the many friends and supporters of Joseph’s Home, his health is greatly improved. And he knows that he will never have to call the streets home again.

Mr. Hill recovered from a stroke, stabilized his diabetes and reconnected with his children while at Joseph’s Home