Behavioral Health Director Michael Biscaro and His Family Bring a Taste of Italy to Residents Over the Holidays

As behavioral health director, Michael Biscaro, PsyD, spends a lot of time at Joseph’s Home working with residents to address mental health and substance abuse issues. He was only too happy to come in over the holiday break to spend more time with residents serving dinner. In addition to the chicken parmesan and rigatoni Dr. Biscaro brought from Galluci’s Italian Foods, he brought his wife Kelley and four sons to help make a salad and dessert, and serve dinner to residents.

“We wanted to do something nice for the men and give chef [Operations Coordinator Alphonso Gibson] a night off. We also wanted our boys to have an experience we thought would be meaningful during the holiday season and learn about the many challenges people face,” said Dr. Biscaro.

His sons had the chance to meet residents and they spent an extended period of time talking to one resident in particular. He said they gained some valuable insights that evening and as an added bonus, “they were more thankful and complimentary over the remainder of winter break.”

In addition to providing dinner, the Biscaro family brought a large box of clothes and toiletry items for residents that had been donated by some of their neighbors.

“We all enjoyed ourselves and our boys said they really liked doing something nice for the men,” added Dr. Biscaro.