Mural Brings New Life to Joseph’s Home Entryway

When Hawken School students offered to paint a mural at Joseph’s Home, someone had to decide what they would paint.

The students turned to the residents themselves. At a brainstorming meeting in early spring, the residents requested a floral theme. Thinking of themselves as seeds, they suggested that the flowers represent the growth and blossoming that happens in them during their time at Joseph’s Home.

Students from Hawken School and Chagrin Falls Park Community Center completed the painting over a period of several weeks. They were led by Hawken teacher Jack Breisch and his wife Mary Ann Breisch, who is a professional artist and education director at the community center.

The mural has significantly brightened the Joseph’s Home entryway. Joseph’s Home thanks Jack and Mary Ann Breisch and all the students who contributed to the mural project. Their painting is a constant reminder of the beauty that results when we find the right place to grow.

Entryway Mural
Pictured from left to right: Chagrin Falls Park Community Center Education Director Mary Ann Breisch, Chagrin Falls Park Community Center student Deameon Stewart, Chagrin Falls Park Community Center CAAP Coordinator Aaron Cephus and Jack Breisch.